31 July 2020

Learn to Code

When I first started my computer science degree seven years ago (whoa), I instantly regretted all the decisions that led up to that first lecture. It quickly became apparent…

01 June 2020

Thoughts On Racism

A lot of my friends and family know that I don’t really say much. I’d quite happily have a conversation with someone where they do all the talking and I do all the listening…

12 December 2019

The Deception of The Grind

I’ve been duped. For pretty much the whole year, I’ve been under the false assumption that in order to become the best version of myself possible I needed to focus on one…

29 August 2019


One Saturday afternoon, myself and my Dad decided to trim the hedges on our front porch. The work was well overdue but the one thing holding us back was the fact that we didn…

22 August 2019

The Good Immigrant - Book Review

It seemed like an insane, racially provocative, almost inappropriate title for a book to be published in today’s political climate. When I was browsing the staff picks section…

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