Change is good when change is necessary.

At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. But isn’t a little change the norm this time of year anyway? Flowers are blooming, days are getting longer, weather is getting warmer. In any case, whatever may or may not be happening, I just wanted to let you – annonymous stranger – know about some new changes to this blog!

Short Stories

This is something I think is going to be really cool. For a long time I’ve been coming up with ideas in my mind about possible stories and scenarios that would make for good pieces of writing, but I’d never do anything about them. They’d just sit there in my conscience slowly withering away into, ’nah, that’s lame’. And once that happens, you’d best believe they’ll never see the light of day. But then I started looking around at the content on this blog and thought, ’You know what? Screw it!’ We need a little bit of a shake up on here. And – in a manner which I’m sure was not at all critical – my sister could not have been more in agreement. With that, Short Stories were born, completely subjective in quality. You can take a look at some now, by hitting up the fiction tag 🙂

Hello again, WordPress!

It was WordPress, then Tumblr, then a combination of both, then WordPress, then Jekyll and now WordPress again. Something always keeps me coming back to this platform and each time I come back with a better understanding of the things I can and can’t do with it. The reason for this particular returning is down to a couple things:

  1. Jekyll is limited

You may remember me telling you that Jekyll is a static site generator, leading it to have many limitations and difficulties with regard to functionality. Search, followers, likes, comments and subscriptions are just some of the things which require a bit of thought. I thought I could handle them all, I was wrong. But amongst the cruelest of limitations is your potential traffic. At least for me this was particularly bad. Imagine posting your next Insta selfie to and nothing else. How would you get people to view it? You could share a link on Facebook and Twitter, but that’s not going to reach millions of people. My stats took a hit when I switched over to Jekyll, so much so it became useless having Google Analytics to process statistics, because soon enough there were no statistics to process! Bah! But now, back on good ol’ WordPress, my posts can potentially get put through an immense amount of traffic, which (hopefully) leads to more views, likes, comments, subscribers and all that millennial ‘I-need-attention-on-social-media’ goodness. Alongside that, I don’t have to worry about search, people can follow me again (not home), comments are native, likes are enabled, subscriptions are go. It’s like, ‘why did I ever leave in the first place?’ Well…

  1. Layouts

One of the primary reasons for using Jekyll was so I could implement my own blog layout exactly as I wanted using nothing but HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This was fine when I was just writing little musing pieces. Now that I’ve decided to expand the content a bit, it’s become necessary to create new layouts and designs. Honestly, I just don’t have the time to design, write, test and refactor all the layouts for all the things. Don’t get it twisted. This is not at all anything to do with anybody being potentially lazy.

More content

Amongst short stories, I plan on adding some more types of content on here. Not everyone is interested in reading an essay on what I think is still the best Star Wars movie in the recent reboot, or read about that obsession I had with chocolate biscuits. So I want to experiment with a few other ideas. I’m keeping it on the hush-hush for now, but I think you’ll like it! (Desperately attempts to create new types of content, to no avail)

Well, this was fun. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed yet another change in the URL. It’s no longer, instead we’ve got The reason being, the latter was meant to be a professional portfolio site but I decided I don’t want to do that anymore. So I reverted to using the domain in its birthday suit. If you’ve been an avid follower of this blog from the very beginning (highly unlikely) I can only apologise for the perpetual inconsistencies. I’m sure that at least for the next few months things will remain as is!