04 July 2019


Let’s get this straight. It’s not magical, it’s not weird and it certainly doesn’t warrant wondering hands. Afro hair is no more special than any other kind of hair…

27 June 2019

Building a PC

As a web developer, I often tell people that I’m all about the software, not hardware. You have problems with your printer worse than a jam? I’m not the guy to fix it. Wi-Fi…

22 June 2019

Life After Instagram

”Do it for the gram.” A popular phrase amongst millennials alike, akin to doing something only to post it on social media. Well, for the few months I’ve been exploring ”do it…

22 June 2019

Changelog 3.0

And so, here we are. Back again for another round of thoughts and stories. Except this time, we’re trying something completely different. If by some miracle you’re an avid…

06 December 2018

How To Kill a Spider

The most epic, the most famous, the most spectacular standoff man has ever faced is that of man versus spider. An intense battle where only the fittest, the strongest and the…

11 June 2018

The Switch - From iOS to Android

Alright, my hands are up. I am an Apple fanboy. Their products have always fascinated me. Something about having both the hardware and software designed by the same company…

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