Perhaps, one of life’s greatest challenges, is using a shower that you aren’t familiar with. Whether it belongs to your friend, a partner or a family member, the terror is simply inevitable. Because once you’re in there — naked — that’s it. For whatever reason, it seems like the worst thing you could do is step back into the world you used to find so simple. With all those knobs, levers, taps, plugs and shower heads staring at you, it suddenly transpires that nothing is simple anymore.

However, something within encourages you to reach out and twist, touch or pull, anything. Nothing happens. A curse word, a sigh or an inconsolable scream comes from your mouth. In the consuming frustration, some text or illustration on one of the taps begins to make sense. Yes, you’ve got it now; you are so sure of yourself:

How could I not have seen it before…

Your second attempt, is met only with failure. A freezing cold or melting hot liquid crashing onto your body destroys both skin and confidence. You look at the reflection in the metal. All you see is a naked, lowly fool. The very notion of which, is not even questioned in the slightest.

But the lowly fool is also a hopeful one. “A final attempt” your mind utters and whilst uttering it gets to work. It learns from the previous mistakes, remembers the showers you’ve used of old and beckons in the hope that one day, YOU SHALL BE CLEAN AGAIN!

A more learned individual, your hand confidently reaches for the tap, twists a knob and pulls a lever. Maybe there is some gurgling, a painful moment of nothing or more extreme temperature of water falling on you as a result, but as you wince and shriek at your apparent demise… The water falls, and against all expectations it is both a pleasing and a cleansing water.

Perhaps, the only thing bitter about this moment now, is the taste of your tears of jubilation.