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Life After Instagram

22 June 2019

”Do it for the gram.” A popular phrase amongst millennials alike, akin to doing something only to post it on social media. Well, for the few months I’ve been exploring ”do it because you can”. Akin to doing something, because you’re alive. It was on Christmas Eve that I made the decision to give up…

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How To Kill a Spider

06 December 2018

The most epic, the most famous, the most spectacular standoff man has ever faced is that of man versus spider. An intense battle where only the fittest, the strongest and the bravest competitor with unmatched cunning will be the victor. Be glad because you’re reading this. Next time, you’ll win that…

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The Problem With Using an Unknown Shower

13 April 2015

Perhaps, one of life’s greatest challenges, is using a shower that you aren’t familiar with. Whether it belongs to your friend, a partner or a family member, the terror is simply inevitable. Because once you’re in there — naked — that’s it. For whatever reason, it seems like the worst thing you…

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