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Thoughts On Racism

01 June 2020

A lot of my friends and family know that I don’t really say much. I’d quite happily have a conversation with someone where they do all the talking and I do all the listening. Something I need to work on, I know. But there are some things that I cannot stay silent about. And the events of the last…

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The Good Immigrant - Book Review

22 August 2019

It seemed like an insane, racially provocative, almost inappropriate title for a book to be published in today’s political climate. When I was browsing the staff picks section at Foyles, these three words strung together on a binding was one of the last things I expected to see. But that’s exactly…

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04 July 2019

Let’s get this straight. It’s not magical, it’s not weird and it certainly doesn’t warrant wondering hands. Afro hair is no more special than any other kind of hair. Throughout school however, this was not the case. Of course in the later years the excitement died down, but in primary school (where…

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