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Hello, I am Ayotunde Ikuesan 👋🏾

A web developer & mobile app engineer, sharing thoughts, stories and code online.

About me

Hi there! My name is Ayotunde and I'm passionate about developing websites, mobile apps and helping people find solutions for their technical problems. I have a degree in computer science and I'm currently working as a software engineer at one of the UK's leading charities. In my spare time I'm teaching myself about music theory & production and occasionally step outside to take some pictures.

Azure DevOps


HTML & CSS are some of the first languages I learned to use, but I also really enjoy working with Javascript and have created many projects using frameworks such as React and Next.js.


I have just under five years of industry experience using ASP.NET & C#. During that time I've created MVC components, handled form submissions and database queries, as well as gaining a good understanding with Azure DevOps.


Mobile app development is the next thing I'm looking to add to my skill set. I have been learning about frameworks such as SwiftUI & React Native. I'm currently working on releasing my first app very soon.

Work & Projects

British Heart Foundation

Mid Weight Software Engineer

October 2017 - Current

I joined the BHF as a Junior Web Developer in October 2017. Initially, I worked on a few bug fixes, but quickly got involved with the Sitecore CMS and developing components using ASP.NET MVC.

Since then I have worked on a number of projects including Heart of Steel, Dechox and the Events pages. I've also had the opportunity to handle production deployments to the website using Azure DevOps and gained a Sitecore Developer Certification.

Consult Hyperion

Junior Tester

July 2015 - July 2016

I joined Consult Hyperion as a junior tester for my year in industry whilst studying at university. I was responsible for testing the firmware of contactless payment devices and also some software which was developed in-house.

During my time there, I also developed an employee clock-in system to replace the aging paper register. I used two Raspberry Pi's to register employees entering/exiting the building, alongside a web app which would display the day's roster in the event of a fire. This was my first project using C# and ASP.NET.

Assured Messages

Blog website with NextJS

April 2022

Assured Messages is a blog website I built for my dad. I migrated all his content over from Wordpress to Ghost as part of the project. TailwindCSS was used to create a completely custom design all from scratch.

Wanting to increase the scalability, I used NextJS to build a fully functional static site that can be served entirely from a CDN, using Ghost as a headless CMS.

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Photo blogging website

June 2022

I wanted my own dedicated platform to display some photos I’d taken and so built this site. I kept everything as simple and minimalistic as possible to keep the focus on the images.

I used Gatsby as the framework to build the site, because of the simple image optimisations and easy integrations with markdown. In the end — including generating content — the whole thing took around two weeks to build and release.

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My portfolio & blog website

February 2022

This website has undergone many different iterations, featuring Wordpress, Gatsby and even Jekyll! This is the latest version I have built from scratch using NextJS, MDX and TailwindCSS.

It's not quite finished yet, as I have plans to introduce more interactivity and animations. But as a place to learn more about me and host all of my blog posts, it's serving the purpose pretty well!

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I'm making music.

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