Hello I'm Ayotunde 👋🏾

A full-stack web developer, based in the UK who is writing stories and making music.

I'm passionate about developing websites and helping people find effective solutions for their technical problems. With a degree in computer science, I'm currently working as a software enginner at one of the UK's leading charities. When I'm not writing code, I'm usually writing stories about tech, life and literal fiction. Occassionally, I make my way outside to take some pictures, but more often you'll find me experimenting with music production.

man in park, smiling, looking down on the ground
person sitting on a beach, with their feet in the sand
man standing between two high stone walls, surrounded by grassy hills & mountains

What I do


In my six years of industry experience I have worked mainly with ASP.NET & C# to create web apps, handle form submissions and manipulate data through APIs. I also have some experience with Typescript from other projects and have obtained a Sitecore Developer Certification.


I really enjoy working with Typescript, React & CSS to create beautiful, engaging user experiences. Next.js tends to be my goto framework for new projects, but I have used others like Astro & Gatsby too. Fast, responsive & usable: that's what I aim for in every project I create.


I've worked with a range of cloud hosting platforms across professional & personal projects including Vercel and Digital Ocean but I am most familiar with Azure. Deploying code, configuring pipelines and managing resources is part of my skill set. Next up, get certified! 💪🏾

Work & projects

Find out more about my relevant work experience and projects I've worked on throughout my career.

Software Engineer

Oct 2017  - Current

British Heart Foundation

Working across the full stack of web development by building components with Sitecore/C# and handling deployments with Azure DevOps whilst also onboarding new team members.

  • asp.net
  • azure
  • c#
  • sitecore

Junior Tester

Jul 2015  - Jul 2016

Consult Hyperion

Testing firmware of contactless payment terminals during university placement year. I also built an employee tracking system with two Raspberry Pi's and a web app - my first C# project.

  • asp.net
  • c#
  • mvc
  • testing


This website has undergone many different iterations, featuring Wordpress, Gatsby and even Jekyll! This is the latest version I have built from scratch using Astro, MDX and Tailwind CSS.

  • astro
  • react
  • typescript


Mini photo-blog website I built to showcase some pictures. Made with Astro because of the simple image optimisations & even simpler markdown integration.

  • astro
  • react
  • typescript
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